One of my partners requested a vanilla story, and I tried. I really did, but the first draft was definitely not very vanilla. Two of my writing friends offered some very constructive feedback regarding the dialogue and tone. So, I rewrote most of the dialogue and switched some other things around until I ended up with the story you’re about to read. Thanks to Richard and Jayden for their valuable feedback!

“How long has it been now?” David says, leading Maddie into the bedroom.

“Since lockdown started last March,” she replies. “Fifteen months.”

“That’s far too long,” he says, as he pulls her to him and kisses her gently. “We’ve got a lot to catch up on.”

When they part, Maddie notices the room is illuminated softly by dozens of candles. They cast their glow across her fair skin and highlight the sparse freckles on her cheeks. 

“Someone put some work into this. Have you taken up interior design, now?” she asks, smiling.

“Someone missed you very much.” David replies, taking a seat at the edge of the bed.

She reaches out and takes his hand in hers, lacing their fingers together. David places his other hand at her waist and draws her closer. Their lips meet and the long months apart melt away. Their tongues tease each other for a few moments. Their kisses become more urgent until, finally, David hooks his hands under Maddie’s ass, lifting her and lowering her to the bed.   

He pauses for a moment, holding himself up on his hands, gazing at her before lowering himself next to her and kissing her again. He teases her lips with his tongue. Maddie moans and takes his head in her hands, pulling David into her and slipping her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues clash and swirl around each other for a few moments. Then, David breaks the kiss and HIs lips trace a slow line from her mouth to her neck, his tongue tickling the tender spot just behind her ear. 

“Mmmmmm,” she purrs.

She shivers and her body softens against his. He nibbles his way down her neck, moving over her collarbone. David slides the collar of her shirt to one side to expose her shoulder. His nibbles become harder and more urgent and he bites Maddie’s shoulder, marking her flesh. Maddie groans.

“Just a moment,” she says, gently pushing David off her just enough to slip her shirt up over her head. She undoes the clasp of her bra and her full, pale breasts spill out. “I was going to tease you by taking that off very, very slowly, but I can’t wait any longer. I need to feel your skin against mine.”

David grins and pulls his shirt off, tossing it to the floor. Maddie runs her fingers through the hair on his chest.

“Hmmm. This was patchier last time,” she says.

“That’s because someone dribbled wax all over it.”

“Awww. I hope I didn’t cause you any trouble,” Maddie says, grinning.

“Aside from ripping out half of my chest hair?” David laughs. “No, we can do that again sometime. But next time, you’ll be the one receiving.”

“Good,” she replies. “Now, take those pants off.”

David grins at her and unbuckles his belt, then undoes the button and zipper of his pants, slides them off, then tosses his pants and boxers to the floor. He does the same with Maddie’s pants and panties.

“That’s much better,” he says gazing at her.

“Yes, it is,” she replies. “Lie back on the bed.”

Maddie rises to her knees on the bed as David lies back. She teases his lips with her tongue, then kisses his neck and shoulders before letting her mouth slide to his chest. She flicks one of his nipples with her tongue and he moans. She takes the stiff bud in her mouth, teasing it lightly with her teeth and swirling her tongue around it. David gently grasps her head and pulls her closer. He shivers as her hand slides down over his stomach to his cock.

“Mmmm. It feels like someone is a little excited,” she says.

“A little bit, yeah,” David says and groans as she teases the head of his cock with her fingers.

“Good. I like feeling you get hard for me,” she replies and wraps her hand around his shaft and begins to stroke him slowly. 

Maddie pivots on her knees a bit, then leans down and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock.

“Yes, please,” David says.

Maddie grins to herself and takes David’s thick cock into her mouth. She lets her tongue slide along his length as she starts to bob her head on his dick. Maddie grips the base of his cock and slides him deep into her mouth.

“Oh god,” he moans. “Yes.”

With Maddie bent over him on her knees, her ass is tilted up. David strokes her hip and ass, then slides his fingers to her slit, teasing her lips. She’s already slick. He slides two fingers inside her pussy and she moans around his cock.

“I love that,” he says.

“Me too,” she replies, taking her mouth off his cock. “Now, stay right there.”

Maddie throws a leg over David’s body, straddling him. She grips his cock and uses it to tease her clit a few times before positioning him at the entrance to her cunt and slowly sinking onto him. David groans as his cock fills her.

“Oh, fuck,” she says.

Maddie places her hands on David’s chest to brace herself, then starts moving her hips, riding and grinding on his cock. David reaches up and takes her breasts in his hands, kneading them and squeezing her stiff nipples between his fingers. When he does, Maddie increases her pace.

“Your pussy feels amazing,” David says.

She chuckles softly. “You feel amazing too. Now, fuck me.”

David braces his feet on the bed and moves his hips up to meet her.

“Harder,” she says. She bucks her hips faster and David follows suit.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” he says.

“I’m close. Please fuck me. Cum for me,” she says. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Her pussy clenches on David’s cock as she cums and he can’t hold back. 

“Fuck!,” he groans, as his cock twitches and spurts inside her.

“Yes!,” she moans, her body shaking.

After a moment, their movement slows. Maddie collapses on top of David’s chest, still panting. She can feel his heart pounding where her head rests against him. Eventually, she rolls off him and lies by his side.

David turns his head to look at her. “Well, I think we made a bit of a mess,” he says with a smirk.

Maddie runs her fingers over her pussy. She brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them clean. 

“It sure seems like it.”

“We’d better get you cleaned up, then,” David says before sliding down and dipping his head between her thighs

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