A Good Nap Spoiled, Part 1

Troy has been trying to nap for the past 45 minutes, but all he’s actually managed to do is roll over three times. He gives up and reaches for his phone. He types out a text.

“I’m currently failing at napping.”

In a moment, he gets a reply from Terri. He’s seen her a few times. It’s casual but there’s been some chemistry between them.

“I tried to take a nap and I’m also failing at it,” Terri replies.

“I could come over and visit you, if you’d like,” Troy texts back.

‘That would be great,” she replies.

“You know if I come over, you’re going to end up with bite marks and a sore ass.”

“As if I would have a problem with that,” she replies.

“I’m on my way.”

Troy gets out of bed and dresses again, then heads downstairs and out the door to his car. It’s about 30 minutes to Terri’s place. That’s enough time to come up with some ideas. He starts his car, turns on the radio and pulls out onto the road.

Soon enough, he pulls into the lot next to Terri’s apartment and parks the car.

“I’m here,” he texts her as he exits the car.

It’s a very short walk from the lot to her place and she’s waiting for him at the door when he gets there.

“Hey, you,” he says.

“Hey,” Terri replies as she opens the door for him.

Troy takes her in his arms and kisses her, then looks around the room a moment, then says, “are you by yourself today?”

“Yeah. My roommate’s out running errands.”

“Good. We won’t have to be quiet, then,” he says with a smirk. “Let’s go.”

Terri leads him through the kitchen and up the stairs to her bedroom. She sits on the bed, as he closes and locks the door behind him.

“Just in case,’ he says.

Terri laughs. 

“Clothes off. Now,” Troy says.

Terri pulls her tee shirt up and over her head, tossing it aside, then unhooks her bra and frees her full breasts. Next, she shimmies her leggings and panties down her legs and steps out of them. She looks at Troy.

“That’s a good start,” he says. “Now, turn around.”

Terri turns so her back is to Troy. He takes a moment to admire the curves of her hips and the round cheeks of her ass. Then, he moves to her and embraces her from behind, wrapping one arm around her waist. His lips graze the back of her neck. Then he kisses his way across her shoulders. His free hand reaches for one of her nipples and he squeezes hard.

“Ow!” Terri gasps and winces a bit, but she’s soon moaning as Troy bites the flesh of her shoulder.

He tugs on her nipple and her knees buckle slightly, increasing the pain and she loves it.

“Turn around and face me,” Troy says, releasing his hold on her nipple. She gasps as blood rushes back to it.

Terri turns to see Troy smirking at her. He leans down and kisses her breast, flicks his tongue against her nipple for a moment before gently biting the flesh of breast. Terri moans and he bites harder, while pinching her other nipple between his fingers. Troy bites her several more times, leaving red marks across Terri’s breasts.

“Did you enjoy that, you little pain slut?” Tory asks.

“Yes, sir.” 

“Show me,” he says.

Terri gives him a puzzled look.

“Show me how wet your cunt is,” he says.

Terri reaches down and slides two fingers inside herself. She holds her hand up and it’s slick with her juices.

“Clean off your fingers,” Troy says.

Terri licks her fingers from the tip to palm before sliding them into her mouth.

“Good girl,” he says. “Now lie back on the bed.”

“Yes, sir,” Terri replies, lying down.

Troy pulls her so her ass is close to the edge of the bed, then kneels on the floor, places his hands on her thighs and spreading her legs. He ducks his head between her legs    and licks her slit from bottom to top for a moment, then flicks his tongue against her clit. Terri sighs. Troy continues gently licking her swollen clit for a few moments, then sucks it into his mouth.

“Oh god,” Terri groans deeply.

In a minute, Troy stops sucking and is once again licking Terri’s clit, faster and harder now. He hooks his arms around her thighs and pulls her closer. Terri starts grinding her wet pussy against his face, using her hands to pull him against her. Soon, Terri is panting and bucking her hips as Troy continues licking her.

“Yes, please. You’re going to make me cum, sir.”

At that, Troy slides a couple of fingers inside her wet cunt and hooks them, rubbing Terri’s g-spot as he goes on licking her clit.

“Yes! Fuck! Yes!

Terri’s body shakes as his orgasm overtakes her and she lets out a long, deep groan. Troy keeps licking her clit and fingering her pussy as she cums until she finally pleads for mercy. 

“You’re very wet now,” he says, stroking her slit with his fingers.

“Mmmmm. I know.”

“I want to try something,” he says with a grin.

See you next next Saturday for Part 2!

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