TMI Tuesday – January 12, 2021


1. First question relates to the photo above–what is it?

It looks like it’s probably a salmon steak, but it could also be a chunk of Himalayan pink salt. In either case, it looks tasty and I want it in my mouth.

2. Should we be signalling our existence to alien life? Why?

On the one hand, I think we should because they might be able to save us from ourselves. On the other hand, maybe we shouldn’t since they may decide to wipe us out. It’s kind of a toss-up, really.

3. What is one thing you do not understand about yourself?

I’d love to understand why my brain lies to me sometimes. I have some minor anxiety, but I have learned to recognize it for what it is, and I’ve developed some strategies for dealing with it.

4. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

Peanut butter and mayo on white toast. Try it before you knock it. It’s pretty tasty!

5. What are two of your go-to strategies to help make big decisions?

It’s a actually one two-part strategy. First, I obsess and ruminate and do things like making pro and con lists and spreadsheets. Then, if I’m still not sure, I flip a coin. If the coin toss results in the outcome I want, that’s great. If it comes up with the outcome I don’t want, I ignore it and do what I want.

Honestly, most of the best decisions I’ve ever made came after very little deliberation.

Bonus: How replaceable are you?

At work, I’m probably fairly replaceable, but I’m working on making myself more indispensable by building relationships and expanding my skill set.

In relationships, I’m not replaceable. Nobody else is me.

None of my partners are replaceable, either.

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