TMI Tuesday – July 6, 2021

It’s International Kissing Day! Go plant one on someone, then play TMI Tuesday. Making Waves 1. Are you happy with the number of people you have slept with? I am. It’s also a significantly higher number than I thought it was. 2. Tell us a random fact about yourself. I have remnants of pencil leads inContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – July 6, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – June 29, 2021

Oh good, you’re here. I’m sure there is nothing you’d like to do more than TMI Tuesday. It’s All Good 1. What’s the most stressful thing in your life right now? Home improvements. I’ve had enough of them now. 2. True or False. The best way to get over an ex is to get under someoneContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – June 29, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – June 22, 2021

I see you have arrived to play TMI Tuesday. Good on you! I SEE YOU 1. What attracts you to a blog–makes you read it again and again or subscribe? I am attracted to well-written content. Good use of graphics and aesthetics are great, but they’re meaningless if the content is crap. Regular posting (which I needContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – June 22, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – June 15, 2021

What’s In A Name? “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” –William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet.” ———————————– 1. You have started your own sex themed business. What is the name of your business? What is your specialty service or product? BONUS: In one or twoContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – June 15, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – June 8, 2021

1. What do you have against reality? Reality is not doing a good job of meeting my expectations. The rich are getting richer, et. al. 2. Do you feel like you are maintaining a healthy balance between leisure, time for self, career, physical activity, and those you care about? Probably not. I should do moreContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – June 8, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – June 1, 2021

Strange, Stranger 1. If you had to lick a stranger’s sweaty armpit everyday for the rest of your life to save the life of your significant other would you do it? (Thank you Master of None). I mean, I guess I would do it if their life depended on it. 2. What is something you escaped from?Continue reading “TMI Tuesday – June 1, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – May 25, 2021

TMI Tuesday questions are life questions. 1. Do you typically wake up feeling optimistic? In the broad sense, yes. 2. Do you pursue your passions? Yes, but not passionately. Seriously though, my passions are books, tabletop gaming, food, and sex. I pursue them as much as I am able right now, but not as much I’dContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – May 25, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – May 18, 2021

1. Your first night out after covid19 lock-down and you catch a friend making a drunken pass at your significant other. Which of the following most mirrors your feelings or thoughts? a. Ignore it, they are drunk off their ass.b. Alcohol is a truth serum, true feelings come out and this false friend is afterContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – May 18, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – May 10, 2021

1. Agree or Disagree with “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” I mostly agree. Mondays get me down because it means my work week has started again. (Only seventeen days until vacation!) Rainy days can get me down unless I’m with the right people. 2. What do you like to do on aContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – May 10, 2021”

TMI Tuesday – May 4, 2021

Fill in the blank. 1. Friends = _____ My favorite people. 2. I’m done with _____. Staying home. 3. I’m ready for _____. My trip to the beach! 4. The oldest _____ I have is _____. The oldest pair of shoes I have is 20 years old. 5. Take some _____, mix it all togetherContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – May 4, 2021”

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