Blogging from A to Z – J is for JOI

Dave’s was lying in bed in his hotel room when his phone buzzed with an alert. He reached over to his nightstand and picked his phone up to check it.  A text message from Maddie popped up on his screen. Maddie: I’m horny. Dave: Me too. Maddie: But I’m really horny and you’re not here.Continue reading “Blogging from A to Z – J is for JOI”

Blogging from A to Z – I is for Ice

“Why is it so hot outside?” Maddie whined. “It hasn’t broken one hundred degrees today,” Dave replied. “Anything above eighty-five is too hot, Dave, especially when the power is still out from that storm earlier today.” “I get it, you hate the heat,” he said. “Think cool thoughts. Imagine you’re in an igloo.” “Fuck you,”Continue reading “Blogging from A to Z – I is for Ice”

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