TMI Tuesday – April 27, 2021

1. Are you ready to go? Where are you going? I’m very ready to go. I’m going to the beach in just over a month and I can’t wait. It’s my first beach trip in almost twenty years. I think it’s going to be a blast! 2. There is something wrong with dating, what isContinue reading “TMI Tuesday – April 27, 2021”

Blogging from A to Z – H is for Human Table

“Stop moving. I’m trying to eat my dinner,” Dave said, slicing into what looked like a fantastic ribeye. The ribeye had been served with a side of asparagus and some roasted fingerling potatoes. The plate holding Dave’s dinner was perched on a woman’s back. “Sorry, sir, Maddie replied. “I had an itch.” “Where?” he asked.Continue reading “Blogging from A to Z – H is for Human Table”

Blogging from A to Z – E is for Edging

“Hey, do you want toi tie me down and edge me with this thing? Dave asked. “What thing?” Maddie replied? “Come here and take a look, “ he said. Maddie scooted over closed to Dave on the sofa and peeked at his laptop. The screen displayed a website showing a new air-cushioned male stroker.  “Interesting,”Continue reading “Blogging from A to Z – E is for Edging”

Just the Thing

I am on my knees on the bed, bent over a Liberator wedge, my ass up in the air. I’m facedown on the mattress. Allie is just finishing restraining me, each wrist cuffed and tethered to a similar cuff on its matching ankle. “That should help you keep your hands to yourself, slut,” she says.Continue reading “Just the Thing”

Against Some Lies I’ve Told Myself

I’ve gotten very used to just accepting what has come into my life. In some regards, that’s actually worked out really well. I’ve got a job that pays well and offers flexible hours. I’m living in a cool old row home in a historic neighborhood. I’ve got a wife who loves and supports me andContinue reading “Against Some Lies I’ve Told Myself”

An Introduction and Some Words of Gratitude

My name is A.L Ryan and this is my blog. This will be a place for journal entries, erotica, and occasional rants and musings. This blog exists because I used to write, then I stopped. I used to do a lot of things and then stopped. Maybe you did, too. As I grew up andContinue reading “An Introduction and Some Words of Gratitude”

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