Leashed – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Leashed. If you’re not caught up, make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

Dave stepped over to the leather gear and gestured to a selection of collars and leashes hanging on the wall. “What color do you think? Classic black? Pink? Red?”

“Red, I think,”  Maddie replied.

“Okay,” Dave said. “I wonder what size you need.”

“I can help with that.” It was the redheaded woman from behind the counter. She was holding a measuring tape in her hand.

Maddie looked at Dave and found him already gazing at her. They grinned and nodded at each other.

“That sounds great,” Dave said.

“Yes, please,” Maddie added.

“Cool,” the woman responded. “My name is Angie by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Angie. I’m Dave and this is Maddie.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, as well,” Angie responded.

“Maddie,” Dave said. “Would you like Angie to help you find a collar that fits?

Maddie blushed. “Yes, I would. Can you help me with that Angie?”

“I’d be happy to.”

Angie reached up to try to measure Maddie’s neck, but she was several inches shorter and the height difference made it awkward.

“Hmmm,” Angie said. “We have a couple options here. Dave, you could take the measurement, or Maddie could kneel, so I can measure her more easily.”

Dave started to reply, but Maddie was already lowering herself to her knees before the other woman.

“Okay, then.” Angie smirked.

“Good girl,” Dave said.

Angie wrapped the measuring tape around Maddie’s neck and pulled it snug, just enough for Maddie to feel some pressure. “Looks like you’re twelve inches, give or take. We have some of those right here. What color are you thinking?”

“Red, please,” Maddie said, looking up at her.

“You can stand up now, honey,” Dave said.

“Oh, I suppose I can.” Maddie pouted a bit as she rose.

Angie grinned at them both. She reached up and took a red, leather collar from the shelf. It was narrow, with a silver buckle. She held the collar up to Maddie’s throat. “A lot of people like this one, especially first-timers, “but I don’t think this is the one for you.”

She grabbed a thicker, red leather collar. This one had a few studs spaced along its length and the d-ring had a charm in the shape of a heart.

“This ones better, ” Angie said, holding it up to Maddie’s neck, “but I still dont think it’s the right one for you. Hmmm…”

That’s it for Part 3. Come back next week for the conclusion!

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