W is for Watersports

“Are you ready for this, slut?” Matthew asked.

Stef kneeled in the bathtub before him. “Yes, Master,” she replied. 

“Good. I’ve been holding this in the entire trip here. I hope you like getting messy.”

“I do, Master.”

Matthew smirked at her. “What a filthy little whore you are.” 

“I am a filthy whore,” she replied. 

“Here it comes.” Matthew started to piss. It was one of those where you’ve held it in so long, that you think it would come roaring out but it started off slowly and kept building. It was a strong stream, though. Matthew’s piss splashed onStef’s chest and started running down her body. There you go, slut. How does it feel?” 

“Warm. It’s so warm and so good.”

“Rub it all over yourself,” he ordered.

Stef started rubbing her hands over her tits and stomach, spreading Matthew’s piss over her skin as he continued unloading my bladder on her. 

“Good girl.” He aimed his cock at her face and his stream hit her on the cheek. 

“Yes, please,” she moaned.

“Open wide,” he told her. Stef opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as Matthew aimed his cock at her mouth. Some of it began to dribble down her chin. “Good girl. Make sure you drink it down like the dirty piss slut you are.”

She swallowed. “Like that, Master?”

“Yes, that was good. Rub your clit, whore.” Mark’s bladder was nearly empty but he had a bit more left. He pointed his dick lower and the stream hit Stef’s hand as she rubbed her pussy. “Do you like when I piss on your cunt?”

“I love it, Master! Good, I want you to keep playing with your slutty cunt until you piss yourself.” She was still wearing panties per Matthew’s orders. “I don’t care if you cum or not. I haven’t given you permission yet anyway.”

“Yes, Master,” she responded.

Matthew finished pissing and moved closer. “Here, lick up the last few drops. I know you want to.”

Stef stuck out her tongue and licked the head of his cock a few times, then slurped it into her mouth. It felt amazing, but this wasn’t supposed to be a blowjob.

“Fuck it,” Matthew said. He pulled his cock from her mouth for a second. “You’re going to suck my cock until I’m ready to cum, then I’m going to shoot my load all over you and watch you rub my cum and piss into your skin. Do you like the sound of that?”

“Yes, Master! Please! Let me show you what a filthy little cum and pee slave I am.” 

“Good girl. I thought you might. Open.” He slid his cock back into her mouth. “Take it deep. I’m going to fuck your mouth.’ He gripped her hair in his fists and pushed his cock deep into her throat. “That’s so good. You’re such a good little cocksucker. A deep-throating, greedy cum slut.”

Matthew pulled his cock from her mouth again. He slapped her across the cheek.
“Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Master,” she whimpered.

“What are you? I’m a greedy, little deep throat slut.”

He slapped her again. “What else?” he demanded.

“I’m a dirty piss drinking slave,” she answered.

“Good girl. Get my cock back in your mouth”. She leaned forward and he slid his cock back into her mouth. “I’m so glad we took the time to throat-train you.”

Matthew used her hair to move her mouth on his cock. He shoved it deep so her nose was resting against his pubes and held her there for a second. “Remember to breathe,” he taunted.

Stef gagged a bit, but kept working her tongue on his shaft. Matthew felt her groan around his cock, then I heard a trickling. 

“Are you pissing yourself, slut?”

She looked up at him and nodded with his cock in her mouth. 

“Good girl. Get those panties good and wet.” He kept fucking her face. “Tap my leg three times when you’ve finished wetting yourself.”

A minute later, Matthew felt her tap his leg. He pulled her mouth off his cock.

“Stand up,” he ordered, using his grip on her hair to lead her to a standing position. “Take your panties off and hand them to me.” 

Stef did as instructed. 

Matthew held her panties up in front of her face. “These are soaked.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Open,” he ordered.

Stef opened her mouth and Matthew stuffed her piss-soaked panties into her mouth. “That should keep you quiet for a bit. Now, kneel.”

She knelt down in the tub again. Matthew stroked his cock inches from her face. “Are you ready for my cum, slut?”

She nodded. “Yes, Master. Please give this slut your cum.”

He stroked himself faster as he felt his orgasm rising. “Fuck! Here it comes, bitch. Matthew aimed the first few shots at her face, leaving his jizz dripping on her cheeks and chin, then pointed his cock at her tits as he finished cumming. When he was done, he wiped the last bit from the tip of his cock and rubbed it on her forehead. 

“There you go, slut. Now make sure you rub everything in thoroughly. Hold on a sec, though.” He grabbed his phone and snapped a few shots of her there, kneeling in the tub, covered in cum and piss, with her mouth stuffed full of her own wet panties. “This will give you something to remember when I give you permission to touch yourself next time I’m away. Proceed.”

Stef looked up at me as she began rubbing her hands all over her body, rubbing his cum and piss on her tits and belly. She was a glorious slutty mess and he loved her. 

“That’s my good girl,” he said with a grin. After she was done Matthew took the panties out of her mouth and turned on the shower. “Let’s get you cleaned up, then you can have a nice, warm bath.”

“Thank you, Master,’ Stef said, beaming.

“You’re welcome, pet.”

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