TMI Tuesday – June 1, 2021

Strange, Stranger

1. If you had to lick a stranger’s sweaty armpit everyday for the rest of your life to save the life of your significant other would you do it? (Thank you Master of None).

I mean, I guess I would do it if their life depended on it.

2. What is something you escaped from?


3. Have you ever done an Escape Room game with strangers? Did you solve it and get out on time?

I’ve never done an Escape Room at all, but I want to. I hope to get the chance this summer.

4. What is the strangest/craziest DM you have received?

I had a match on OK Cupid get really upset when I told them I’m ambivalent about The Grateful Dead. I said it very neutrally, but they took it as a personal attack. I blocked them.

5. Do you DM strangers? Why?

Yeah. If you never talk to strangers, how are you going to meet new people and make new friends?

6. Do you watch “Stranger Things” on Netflix?

I have watched it, but not for several months. I used to watch it with a friend/cuddle buddy who moved away last October. I haven’t gone back to watching it since then.

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