F Is Also For Facesitting

Maddie lay face up on the bed while Darla paced around her. 

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Darla said with a grin. She climbed up onto the bed and licked Maddie’s face before turning around and placing a knee on either side of her head. “Do you like my panties, Maddie?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Maddie said. 

“Good, they’re Dave’s favorite. He likes me to keep them on when we’re fucking. He just moves them to the side before he slides his cock into my pussy.” Darla lowered herself onto Maddie’s face. “I expect these panties to be soaked by the time you’re done here. You better do a good job. Otherwise, there will be consequences.”

She sat still for a moment on Maddie’s face. Do you like my scent? I’ve been wearing these all day.”

Maddie mumbled a reply against Darla’s crotch.

“Oh, that feels kind of nice. I have no idea what you’re trying to say, though.” She lifted herself up a bit. “Say that again.”

“Yes, Darla. I love your scent.” 

“That’s good. Otherwise this would be more difficult for you. Now, lick my pussy through my panties like a good girl.” 

Maddie stuck out her tongue, but she couldn’t really move it with Darla’s weight on her face, so she wiggled her tongue and head as best she could. 

“Not bad,” Darla commented, “but I think you can do better.” She started moving her hips and rubbing her satin covered crotch over Maddie’s nose and mouth. “Come on, slut. I told you to lick my pussy. If you can’t manage that, I’ll just sit on your face and smother you until you pass out, then I’ll have to get myself off. What good is having a submissive slut if I have to get myself off?” 

Maddie kept licking as best she could, determined to find Darla’s clit through the fabric. After a few seconds, she thought she had it. With the fabric a little wetter now, the outline was easier to feel. She focused on the nub and concentrated her efforts there. 

“That’s better. Just like that.” 

Maddie wished she could reach up and grip Darla’s hips but she’d been told to keep her hands to herself. It was getting hard to breathe, though. She kept up her ministrations on Darla’s clit for another couple minutes, but she needed air. She tapped Darla on the thigh. 

“Yes, slut?” Darla asked, raising herself up a bit. 

Maddie was panting a bit. 

“Okay, take a breath and get some air for a moment. You have 30 seconds.” Darla counted down. When she reached 30, she lowered herself onto Maddie’s face again. “This is fun. I’ve actually never done this before.” 

She reached down to tease Maddie’s nipples and Maddie moaned into Darla’s pussy. “Oh, that’s good.”

Darla took one of Maddie’s nipples between her thumb and finger and squeezed. “Mmmmm. Yeah, that’s even better. Next time we do this, I’ll put clover clamps on you. Then I can just tug on the chain whenever I want to make you do that. Won’t that be fun?”

Maddie mumbled into her pussy again. “I’m glad you think so, slut. Are you enjoying yourself?”

More mumbling. 

“Nevermind, I’ll check.” She leaned over and slid a hand down Maddie’s stomach until she reached her pussy, then ran a finger along her slit. “Dripping a bit, are we?”

Darla slipped a finger inside Maddie’s cunt, making the other woman moan into her pussy. “Maybe this will give you some extra motivation. Be a good slut and make your mistress soak her panties all over your face and I’ll let you cum. If you fail, I’ll put you in chastity for a week.”

Maddie hesitated for a second.

“Oh, that got your attention, I see,” Darla said. She reached for her phone and tapped the screen several times. “You’d better get back to work. I’m giving you five more minutes.” 

Maddie redoubled her efforts, lashing her tongue against Darla’s clit through the satin. She gripped Darla’s hips and pulled the other woman’s pussy against her face.

“Mmmmm,” Darla moaned. “You’re an eager little slut, aren’t you? I bet you can’t wait to feel my pussy gush on your face. Well, keep doing that and you’ll get your wish.” She started grinding her pussy on Maddie’s face, angling her hips to ensure Maddie’s tongue kept in contact with her clit.  “Come on, bitch! Lick my fucking cunt. You’d better make me cum before that timer goes off.”

Maddie’s tongue ached, but she was determined to please her mistress. She didnt’ want to be locked in chastity for a week, either. She dug her nails into the flesh of Darla’s ass and desperately licked at the other woman’s clit. 

The timer beeped again and again.

“Un oh,” Darla said. “You’ve let me down, slut. Looks like your cunt’s getting locked up for the week.” She lifted herself off Maddie’s face and backed up off the bed.

Maddie looked up at her pleadingly. “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“I’m sure you are, pet,” Darla replied. “But, failure has consequences. You really should know that by now. We may need to step up your training. Now, be a good girl and come here so I can lock you in.”

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