TMI Tuesday – May 25, 2021

TMI Tuesday questions are life questions.

1. Do you typically wake up feeling optimistic?

In the broad sense, yes.

2. Do you pursue your passions?

Yes, but not passionately. Seriously though, my passions are books, tabletop gaming, food, and sex. I pursue them as much as I am able right now, but not as much I’d like.

3. If your life was affected by covid19 lockdowns/restrictions how have you pursued your passions during the pandemic?

I pursued them sporadically and with frequent disappointment and frustration, but I still pursued them.

4. Is there a conversation you need to have with someone but you have avoided? Tell us the basic subject and your relationship to the person.

No. Haven’t I already had enough heavy conversations with people this year?

5. Fill in the blank. When my partner is around I feel _____ .


Bonus:  Are you living in reality or a fabricated fantasy?

I’m pretty sure I’m living in reality. My life is generally pretty good, but if I were fabricating a fantasy, I’d really hope it would be more fun and exciting.

As always, leave a comment on this post if you’re playing along. Don’t forget to check out more TMI Tuesday blogs here.

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