TMI Tuesday – May 18, 2021

1. Your first night out after covid19 lock-down and you catch a friend making a drunken pass at your significant other. Which of the following most mirrors your feelings or thoughts?

a. Ignore it, they are drunk off their ass.
b. Alcohol is a truth serum, true feelings come out and this false friend is after my honey.
c. Well, my babe is pretty hot so I can’t blame them for making a move.
d. After a year of lock-down, people are likely to flirt with a lamp-post. It is no big deal.
e. Hmmm, I wonder if this friend is up for a threesome?

Most likely C, but possibly E if it’s someone I’m attracted to.

2. True or False. I am so bored with vanilla sex?

True. I’m fine with vanilla sex being part of my sex life, but I don’t want it be all or it (or even most of it.)

3. Is it unreasonable to hope for mind-blowing sex when you have been together for several years?

No, why would it be unreasonable? If anything, the sex should get better the more partners learn about each other.

4. Name two things that could doom your current romantic relationship?

Which one? The answer is the same for any of them. A lack of time, attention, and physcial affection will doom a romantic relationship for me.

5. A local sex educator is holding orgasm classes–as in how to give an orgasm. Would you sign up to be a student or be the demonstration model?

I’ve never gotten complaints, so I guess I’d be the model. Hold on. How hands-on is this class?

Bonus: May 18 is World No Dirty Dishes Day. How will you celebrate?

By running the dishwasher, I guess.

Remember to leave a comment if you’re playing along. You can read more TMI Tuesday blogs here.

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