How To Be A Good Girl – Part 4

Welcome to the finale of How to Be A Good Girl. If you haven’t already read Part 3, you can catch up here.

Jess turned around and kneeled before Chris. She held her hands palm up on her thighs and looked up at him.

“Chris,” Jess asked. “May I please suck your cock and get you hard and ready to fuck my ass?”

Chris grinned. ”Well, I’m not going to turn down that offer. Yes, you may.”

Jess reached up unzipped Chris’s jeans. She slipped her hand inside and pulled out his cock. He was already getting stiff.

“Oh! He has a nice cock, Daddy,” Jess exclaimed. She held his cock in her hand and stroked it for a moment, watching him grow harder. Then, she leaned forward and licked his dick from the base to tip. She flicked and swirled her tongue around the tip before opening up and taking him into her mouth.

Chris groaned as his cock slid into her mouth. Jess bobbed her head on his dick for a minute before taking him deeper.

“She’s a good little cocksucker, isn’t she?” I asked.

“Very good,” he replied.

“I’ll have to invite you over more often when she’s here. She can use the practice. We’ve been working on throat training. Why is that, baby girl?”

Jess pulled her mouth off Chris’s dick. “So I can take your cock into my throat and you can fuck my face properly, Daddy.” 

“That’s right, baby. She’s getting there.” I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her further onto Chris’s dick. She gagged a bit, but I held her there for a moment before letting her pull back. “Again,” I said. “Be a good little slut and take all of it.”

Jess slid her mouth down Chris’s shaft until her chin rested against his balls. I could see her struggling a bit, but she kept at it.

“Once more,” I told her.

She gripped Chris’s ass as she pulled him closer. Once she had taken all of his cock, she held him there for a moment. I could hear her breathing deeply through her nose. Finally, she pulled away. Chris’s dick was rock hard and slick with her drool.

“I think he’s ready, honey,” I told her.

“Did I do a good job, Chris?” she asked.

“I should say so,” he replied. “Are you ready for me to fuck your ass?”

“Yes, please. Daddy, will you please take the plug out of my ass, so Chris can fuck it?”

“Of course. Stand up and bend over.”

Jess stood and bent over with her hands on the edge of the bed. I reached behind her and slowly pulled the plug from her ass. She groaned as it slid out.

“Ooooohhhh. I feel so empty now. I need my ass filled again.”

“Patience,” I told her. “Chris, lie down on the bed.”

Chris moved onto the bed and laid down on his back. His cock was still stiff as a flagpole.

“Sit on his cock and fuck him with your ass,” I ordered. “Show him how much of a greedy little anal slut you are.”

Jess stepped onto the bed and straddled him, facing the foot of the bed. She grabbed his dick and positioned him against her puckered bud.

“This is another thing I’ve had her practicing,” I said. “You should see some of the toys I’ve had her take in her ass. I’ll have to send you pictures later.”

Jess pushed herself down on his cock. She gasped as his head passed her ring, then she groaned as slowly and steadily lowered herself until his cock was buried all the way into her tight asshole.

“Ohhhhh, fuck,” they both said.

After a moment’s pause, Jess began riding his cock with her ass. Chris held onto her hips as she fucked him. Her full breasts bounced as she moved on his cock. I stepped to my dresser and opened one of the drawers. I returned with a leather flogger in hand. When Jess saw it, her eyes went wide and she started moving faster on Chris’s cock. I twirled the flogger and struck her left breast.

“Oh!” she gasped.

I flogged the other breast.


“How does Chris’s cock feel in your ass, slut?” I struck twice more with the flogger.

“So good, Daddy! His cock is so hard and thick.” She leaned back a bit and braced herself on the bed with her hands.

I kept beating her tits with the flogger, the leather stinging her skin, as I alternated sides.”

“Do you want him to cum in your ass?” 

“Yes, Daddy! Please!”

“Ask him nicely,” I replied as I continued flogging her breasts. Her rhythm was more frantic now.  

“Please, Chris! Please fuck my slutty little ass and fill it with your cum!”

I could see Chris’s grip on her hips tighten as he started bucking his hips to meet her, forcing his cock deep into Jess’s ass.

I stepped closer and slapped her across the cheek. I took her chin in my hand and held her gaze. In a low voice I ordered, “Ask him again.Beg for it like the greedy little cum slut I know you are.”

“Chris, please! Please cum in my tight little ass! Fill me with your cum. I need it!”

I bent down and whispered in her ear, “Good girl.”

I heard Chris groan deeply and stop moving. “Fuck!” he shouted.

“Yes! Cum in me. Please, please, please…” Jess’s words died and turned into gasps and moans as I saw her body quiver and shake as she came.

I stood back and watched both of them ride out their orgasms until they finally stilled. After a moment, Jess lifted herself off Chris and I saw his softening cock slide out of her ass. She lay beside him on the bed, with her head on his chest until they stopped panting.

“Such a good girl,” I said. “Take a few minutes, then we’ll get you cleaned up.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said. Her voice sounded a bit sleepy.

“Thanks for your help, Chris,” I said.

“No problem at all,” he replied, giving me the thumbs-up. “I’m happy to assist.”

That’s a wrap, folks! I’m sure Jess will be back sometime soon, Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Chris again, too. I’ll be back Saturday with some brand-new smut.

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