TMI Tuesday – April 13, 2021

1. What is an ideal weekend for you?

Being surrounded by people I love, eating delicious food and drinking delicious beverages while playing tabletop games. Watching movies or binge-watching TV while snuggled up in a cuddle puddle. A long, leisurely walk with a loved one along a body of water on a warm, breezy day. A rainy afternoon on the porch with a hot mug of Mexican hot chocolate and a good book. Morning sex. Afternoon sex. Evening sex.

2. What is the craziest job you would consider taking?

Aerial Lineman.

3. Where would you rate yourself as a kisser on a scale of 1 to 10? (10 being the best kisser ever!)

I’d rate myself a 9, once I found out what my partners like.

4. What do you like most and least about your significant other’s cooking?

Mrs. Ryan makes amazing pan-seared fish. My least favorite thing is that she adds too much lime juice to the guacamole.

5. How has smartphone photography changed your world?

I’m not sure. I probably don’t take enough pictures. I could say it’s because I like to stay in the moment, but I really just forget.

Bonus: What is a good life?

Being able to live life on your own terms with people who share your interests and values while giving each other support and attention. Also, lots of lazy brunches.

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