Blogging from A to Z – J is for JOI

Dave’s was lying in bed in his hotel room when his phone buzzed with an alert. He reached over to his nightstand and picked his phone up to check it.  A text message from Maddie popped up on his screen.

Maddie: I’m horny.

Dave: Me too.

Maddie: But I’m really horny and you’re not here.

Dave: Yeah, and you’re not here right now, either. Also, I’m tired.

Maddie: Help.

Dave: Help?

Maddie: Yes, help me get off.

Dave: Hmmmm. It might be more fun for me to leave you hanging. He teased.

Maddie: Nooooo. I need to cum.

Dave: So masturbate, then. Get yourself off.

Maddie: I forgot how.

Oh, she’s going to play that, is she? 

Dave: You forgot how?

Maddie: Yes, help me remember.

Dave sighed, then dialed Maddie. She picked up on the first ring.

“Hey, you,” she said.

“How did you forget how to make yourself cum?” he asked.

“I guess I’m just a confused little slut. Will you help me remember, please?”

“Fine,” he replied. “Are your clothes off?”

“I’m in my pajamas.” 

“Well, you should take those off first,” he told her. “It will make things a lot easier.”

“Good idea. You’re so smart,sir.”

Dave heard a rustling on the other end.

“Okay, I took them off.”

“Congratulations,” he laughed. “Now, just take some time to run your hands over your body. Caress yourself all over for a few minutes.”

Dave barely heard anything for a moment, then Maddie said, “Mmmm, that feels good. What do I do next, sir?”

“Use your hands to caress your breasts. Massage them. Squeeze them. Knead them. Doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Yes,” she replied. “That does feel pretty nice.”

“That’s good,” he said. “You’re learning. Now touch your nipples.”


“Tease them with your fingertips,” Dave instructed. “But, that’s all I want you to do for now. Keep doing that until I tell you.”

He spent a few minutes listening to Maddie moan through the phone, then told her, “Next you can take them between your fingers and squeeze them, tug on them, pinch them for me. Harder. Harder. I know you like some pain with your pleasure.”

“Yes,” she replied. “I do, sir.”

“Do you have your clover clamps nearby?”

“No,sir. They’re in the dresser drawer.”

“Don’t worry about that, then,” Dave said. “How is your pussy feeling? Run a finger along your slit. Are you wet?”

“Yes, sir. My sluttly little cunt is soaked. I’ve been horny for a while.”

“Slip a finger inside. Taste yourself.”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. Dave could hear Maddie licking her fingers.

“What toys do you have handy?” he asked.

“The wand is under the nightstand.”

“That’ll work,” he replied. “Turn it on low and use it on your clit.”

“Mmmmm, “ she moaned. 

“It sounds like you like that.”

“You know I do, sir.”

“Yes, I do,” Dave replied. “Now, turn it up to high.” 

Dave could hear the motor speed up.

“Oh god,” Maddie groaned. “Fuck.”

He heard her breathing quicken as she kept groaning and muttering.

“Are you going to cum, slut?” he asked.

“Soon, sir.”

“Did you ask permission?”

“May I please cum, sir?”

“Not yet,” he said flatly.

“Oh. Please, sir?” Maddie begged. Dave could almost hear her pouting through the phone.

“Count down from ten to one,” he ordered.

“I don’t know how, sir.”

“What do you mean you don’t know how?” he demanded.

“I forgot. I’m a stupide little slut who can’t count,” she responded.

“I’ll count down with you, this time,” he replied. “Ten. . . nine. . . I don’t hear you. You need to count out loud, slut.”

“Eight,” Maddie said.

“No,” Dave said. “We’re starting over so you can get it right.”

“Please, sir?”

“Repeat after me,” he said. “Ten.”

“Ten,” she stammered.


“Nine,” she said.


“Eight,” Maddie repeated.

Dave could hear her voice quivering as she tried to hold off her orgasm. “Seven,” he said.

“Seven,” Maddie counted.

“I want you to take long, deep breaths through your nose and then exhale slowly through your mouth,” Dave told her. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let me hear you do it a few times,” he said. He heard her breathe in slowly and exhale three times.

“That’s good,” he told her. “One.”

“Really, sir?” she asked.

“Yes, really,” he replied. “Cum for me now.”

Maddie’s breathing got deeper and she started groaning with each exhalation. “I’m cumming!” 

“That’s my good girl,” Dave said. “Cum for me.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Oh, fuck!”

Dave chuckled.

Maddie got quiet. Dave waited a moment, then asked, “are you feeling better now?”

“Yes, thank you sir.”

“That’s good,” he said. “Now, go to sleep. I’ll be back home tomorrow evening.”

“Yes, sir. I love you.”

“Love you too. Goodnight.”

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