Blogging from A to Z – I is for Ice

“Why is it so hot outside?” Maddie whined.

“It hasn’t broken one hundred degrees today,” Dave replied.

“Anything above eighty-five is too hot, Dave, especially when the power is still out from that storm earlier today.”

“I get it, you hate the heat,” he said. “Think cool thoughts. Imagine you’re in an igloo.”

“Fuck you,” Maddie laughed.

“It’s too hot for that,” he quipped. “But I have an idea for something that might help cool you off. Stay right there, Miss Sassypants!”

“I’m not wearing any pants,” she retorted. “Because it’s too hot!”

“Do you want to just lie there and sweat or do you want solutions?” Dave asked. He got up from the bed and headed out into the hall. Maddie heard him walking down the stairs. Her returned in a few minutes carrying their largest plastic mixing bowl.

“That doesn’t smell like popcorn or brownies,” Maddie said while pointing at the bowl.

“I’m not cooking or running the oven in this heat,” Dave replied. “No, this is something to help you cool down.”

“What is it?” she asked.

Dave tossed something onto the bed next to her. She reached out to grab it. 

“Ice?” she questioned.

“Yup,” he responded.

“What are you planning to do with that?”

“You’ll see,” he said with a smirk.

Dave set the bowl on the nightstand and sat down on the bed next to Maddie. He took single ice cube out of the bowl and held it between his fingers. He slowly brought it to Maddie’s mouth and used the ice cube to trace the shape of her lips a few times. The heat of her lips melted the cube slightly and a tiny bit of the water dripped from Maddie’s mouth to her chin.

“That’s cold,” she said.

“That’s the idea,” Dave teased. “You were the one whining about it being too hot today. I’m doint something about it. Now shush.”

Dave guided the ice cube from Maddie’s lips over her chin and down her neck, where he slid it across her upper chest to her left collarbone then over to the right, leaving a faint trace of water as the ice cube melted as it glided along Maddie’s skin. In a moment or two, the ice cube had melted so much that Dave could no longer hold onto it, so he used a single finger to guide it down to Maddie’s navel.

“Oooo!” Maddie yelped.

Dave just chuckled and reached into the bowl again. This time he brought out two ice cubes and took one in each hand. He used them to caress the underside of Maddie’s breasts, sliding the cubes from the outside to the inside before up over the tops of her breasts and finally teasing her nipples with the frozen cubes.

“Brrrr.” Maddie said.

“Too cold?” Dave asked.

It is very cold, but it feels nice against my skin. Keep going.

Dave took another ice cube out of the bowl and used it to stroke Maddie’s stomach. The water made her skin slick as the cube melted. He grabbed another in each hand and used them to caress her thighs, starting at her hips and moving down the outside before coming back up the inside of her thighs, but not quite reaching her pussy. Dave took another pair of ice cubes and used them to tease Maddie’s feet, concentrating on the soles.

“Eeep!” she cried. “You know my feet are ticklish.”

“Yes, but your feet were very warm,” Dave said as he continued stroking them with the ice. “Aren’t they cooler now?”

“Yes. They are.”

Once those cubes had melted, Dave reached into the bowl and took out yet another ice cube. They were starting to melt a bit in the bowl and this cube was a bit slippery. Dave used he his free hand to gently part Maddie’s thighs and expose her slit. Dave rubbed the cube up and down Maddie’s slit as she shivered and giggled. That cube melted quickly and slipped out of his fingers. He reached into the bowl once more. 

“These are starting to melt in the bowl,” he said. 

“That’s too bad,” Maddie replied. “I was starting to feel cooler.”

“I could just dump them on you, but I have a better idea,” Dave replied.

Dave grabbed another ice cube and pressed it against Maddie’s slit. Between the slickness of the melting ice and Maddie’s own wetness, it slid into her pussy easily.

“Oh, fuck!” Maddie screamed. “That’s cold!”

“How does it feel?” Dave asked.

“Like my vagina is freezing, but in a good way. I kind of like it.”

“I have a few more cubes left,” he said.

“Not yet,” she replied. “Give me a moment.”

Maddie bit her lip and squirmed a bit. Dave noticed her jaw clench ever so slightly.

“Are you doing kegels with that ice cube?” he asked.

“I was,” Maddie responded. “But it’s melted too much now. Give me another.”

Dave slid another of the ice cubes into Maddie’s pussy. Again, she bit her limp and squirmed on the bed.

“Another?” he asked. “Think of it as a set of icy ben wa balls with a very short expiration date.”

They both laughed.

“This one’s almost melted, I think,” Maddie replied. “Give me two this time.”

“You’re in luck,” Dave replied. “That’s all we have left.”

He slid the two cubes inside Maddie’s pussy. Some of the water from the previous cubes had started to slowly dribble out.

“How does that feel,” Dave asked.

“It’s. . . interesting,” she replied. “I like it.”

“That’s good to know,” Dave said. “Can i tell you a secret?”

Maddie looked at him. “What?” she asked.

Dave held up his hands, each of them holding an ice cube, and grinned. “I lied,” he said, then place one cube against Maddie’s asshole and the other on her clit.

Maddie shivered at the new sensations and writhed on the bed, then looked up and Dave and said, “I’ll forgive you this time.”

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