A Night at the Club – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of A Night at the Club. Make sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 before digging in.

Mary moves between Janet’s legs and slides a hand up each thigh, then leans forward and licks Janet’s slit from bottom to top. 

“Mmmm,” Janet purrs. “That’s a good start, slut. Keep going.”

Mary uses her fingers to part Janet’s folds and flicks her tongue against Janet’s clit. She circles it and sucks it, then nibbles it gently before swirling her tongue around it again. Janet moans and grabs Mary by her hair, pressing Mary’s face against her pussy.

“That’s a good girl,” Janet says. “Now stop teasing me and fucking lick my clit!”

Janet grinds her wet cunt against Mary’s face, which is now slick with a combination of Janet’s pussy juices and Mary’s spit. Mary pauses for a second, when she hears Dave’s voice.

“May I?” he asks.

“Feel free, Dave,” Alice replies.

Mary hears what sounds like a zipper, then fabric rustling. 

“Janet,” Alice says. “It’s time to mix things up a bit.”

“But I want to cum on this little slut’s face,” Janice whines.

“Oh, you will. Don’t worry about that,” Alice replies. “Mary, flip over onto your back.”

Mary pulls her face from Janet’s pussy and flips over as instructed.

“Do you think you can work with that, Janet?” Alice asks.

“Yes, I think that will work quite well,” Janet replies.

Janet gently lowers herself to her knees and straddles Mary’s head, then lowers herself until her cunt is once again on Mary’s face.

“Get to it, slut!” Alice orders. “Lick Janet’s pussy like a good girl.”

Janet groans as Mary starts swirling her tongue around Janet’s clit again. Mary feels two large hands on her thighs, spreading her legs apart and pushing them up and back.

“Hold her legs up, honey,” Dave says.

Janet hooks a hand behind each of Mary’s thighs and holds Mary’s legs back, while she bucks and grinds her went cunt on Mary’s tongue.

“Fuck her, honey,” Janet groans. “Give the little slut your cock.”

Mary feels Dave’s large fingers teasing her clit, then she moans into Janet’s pussy as he slides a couple inside.

“She’s wet and ready,” Dave says. “What an eager little slut.”

Dave moves closer and rubs the head of his cock against Mary’s clit, making her moan into Janet’s pussy again. He slides it along her wet slit before slowly pushing his cock into her cunt.

“Mmmmmffff,” Mary groan is muffled by Janet’s pussy on her face.

“Did she just say something?” Dave asks.

“I think so,” Janet replies, “but it’s hard to hear her with her mouth full. You’d better do it again honey.”

Dave slowly eases his cock out of Mary’s wet cunt before sliding inside her again.

“MMMMMFFF,” Mary groans again.

“I think she likes that,” Janet says. “I know I do. Make her do it some more.”

Dave starts thrusting slowly but steadily into Mary’s pussy and she continues moaning against Janet’s clit.

“Fuck her harder, honey,” Janet says.”I’m getting close and I want to soak this little slut’s face.”

Dave grips Mary’s thighs and starts pounding her sloppy cunt faster and harder. With her hands now free, Janet uses her fingers to pinch and tug on her own nipples as she keeps riding Mary’s tongue.

“That’s it, bitch!” Janet groans. “Make me come with your tongue.”

Janet feels her orgasm coming, moving from her clit and outward through her body. She bucks against Mary’s tongue as it overtakes her.

“Fuck,yes!” Janet screams. 

Dave keeps fucking Mary as Janet rides out her orgasm, his fingers digging into the flesh of Mary’s thighs as her pushes her legs back further to get all of his cock deep into her. After a moment, Janet recovers and lifts herself off Mary’s face. She bends down and kisses the other woman. 

“Mmmmm, I do taste delicious,” Janet says. “Don’t you think so, Mary?”

“Yes, ma’am. Your pussy tastes amazing!” Mary replies.

“Are you close to cumming, honey?” Janet asks Dave.

“Soon, baby,” he replies. “This little slut has a tight cunt. I’m not going to last much longer.”

“Cum on her face,” Alice chimes in. “She loves to be covered in cum.”

“Ooooh!” Janet coos. “Do it, honey. Come here and let me stroke that big dick until you cum all over the slut’s face.”

That’s all for Part 3. I’ll be taking a break from this story to complete April’s A to Z Challenge. Come back May 1st to read Part 4.

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