TMI Tuesday – March 23rd, 2021

1. What was your first job?

My first job was helping my uncle in his machine shop on the weekend.

2. In your next life what will be your job?

I think I’d be a good counselor or therapist, so let’s go with that.

3. What’s a favorite item in your workspace and why?

I’ve been working from home for three years now, so my workspace is wherever I want it to be. My favorite item is my sofa, so I can take a nap on my lunch break if I want to.

4. What can you not stop thinking about?

My unfulfilled needs and desires and what to do about them.

5. What are you holding on to that you cannot let go– a person, a show, an item, a career, a book–anything?

My own shame and guilt that it took me so long to figure out who I am and to start living the life I want.

Bonus: Do you have a Twitter problem?

No. I’m rarely on Twitter for even fifteen minutes a day.

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