A Night at the Club – Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of A Night at the Club. If you haven’t already read Part One, you can catch up here. When we left off, Mauricio had just introduced Alice and Mary to Brad, Mark, and Ted. The story continues below.

The three men look at each other for a moment. Brad speaks first. 

“Yes, you may. Unzip my pants.” 

Mary looks to Alice. 

“You heard him. Be a good little slut and unzip his pants,” Alice orders.

Mary reaches up and lowers the zipper on Brad’s pants and pulls his cock out through his fly. He’s already getting stiff. 

“Suck it,’ Alice says. 

Mary leans forward and licks the tip of Brad’s cock while using her hand to stroke his shaft. “Get his cock in your mouth, slut,” Alice says. 

Mary opens her lips and slides them over the head of his cock working his length into her mouth. She keeps going until she takes him down to the base.

“She’s well trained,’ Brad says, looking at Alice. 

“She is,” Alice replies. “I always make her clean off my strap on after I’m done fucking her. She’s become quite the little deep throat slut.” 

Mary starts bobbing her head on Brad’s cock, taking him deep into her throat than sliding her mouth back to the tip. She does this repeatedly until Brad stops her. 

“Not yet, slut. I need to save some for the rest of the night.” 

She lets his cock pop out of her mouth. 

“Thank you, sir,” Mary says. 

“Show these boys your tits,” Alice orders. 

Mary hesitates. Alice slaps her across the cheek. “What did I say?” She uses the leash to pull her to her feet, then reaches out, grips the front of Mary’s dress and rips it open, baring her breasts. 

“Now, let them get a good look at your tits, slut.” 

Mary turns to the men and pulls her shoulders back, causing her breasts to push up a little.. 

“May we touch?” Mark asks Alice.

“Yes, for now.” Alice replies. 

Mark reaches out and cups one of Mary’s breasts in his hand. 

“Very nice, he says.” then moves his hand to her nipple and squeezes it between his fingers. Mary moans softly. 

“Oh, she likes that.” 

He squeezes harder and Mary’s moans get louder. Ted pinches her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and Mary winces a bit and whimpers. 

“She’ll be fun to play with. Do you like your tits played with roughly?” Ted asks. 

“Yes, sir,” Mary replies.


“Yes, sir.” 

“Clamped? Bound?”

“Oh, my little slut just loves all of that,” Alice interjects. “Don’t you, Mary?” 

“Yes, mistress,” Mary replies. 

“That’s enough for now, gentleman,” Alice says. “Come now, slut. Let’s meet some more new friends.” 

Alice leads Mary over to a man and woman sitting and chatting on a sofa. They look up as she approaches. 

“Dave and Janet, so nice to see you again.” 

“Alice!” Janet exclaims. “Did you bring us a new toy?” 

“I did. Mary, say hello.”

Once more, Mary gets down on her knees but she’s still several feet away from Dave and Janet. 

“Crawl,’ Alice commands. 

Mary begins to crawl on her hands and knees to the couple until she arrives at their feet, then looks up at both of them. 

“May I service you, please?” she asks. 

“Turn around,” Janet says. 

Mary does as instructed, pivoting on her hands and knees. Janet looks at Alice. 

“May I?” 

“Please feel free,“ Alice replies.

Janet reaches out and pulls the bottom of Mary’s dress up over her ass. 

“She’s not wearing panties”

I told her not to and she’s a good little slut who follows instructions,” Alice says, “Isn’t that right, Mary?”

“Yes, mistress,” Mary responds.

“Show them your pussy, slut,” Alice says.

Mary lowers her body and spreads her legs a bit, exposing her slit. She’s already glistening. 

Janet says, “stand up and come here.” 

Mary gets up and steps in front of Janet, who reaches out and slides her hand up Mary’s thigh until she reaches her pussy. She slides a finger inside and withdraws it. 

“Your pussy is soaking, slut. Do you like being a plaything for all of us?“ 

“Yes, ma’am. I do.”

“Good,” Janet replies. “Now, lick my finger clean.” 

She holds her hand up to Mary’s mouth and Mary licks her finger from palm to tip before sucking it into her mouth.

“That will do. What should we ask her to do next, Dave?”

“Have her lick your pussy, honey,” Dave says. “Would you like that, Mary?” 

“Yes, sir. I would like that very much,” Mary says.

Janet stands up and removes her skirt and top, leaving her in a garter belt, stockings, and high-heeled leather boots that come up to mid-calf. She sits back down. Alice hands her the leash and Janet pulls Mary to her. 

“Get to it slut, eat my pussy and make me cum on your face.”

We’ll pick up next Saturday with Part 3. What else will Alice and the other party guests have Mary do? Drop your suggestions in the comments.

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