How to be a Good Girl – Part 1

I drove onto campus and pulled into the parking lot outside Jess’s dorm. As usual, she was running late. That was fine.It just gave me another reason to punish her. I waited about ten minutes before she finally came walking out of the building toward my car.

“Hi, Daddy!” she said.

“You’re ten minutes late, babygirl,” I replied.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to look my best for you,” she said, smiling and giving me a puppy dog look with her blue eyes.

“I appreciate that, but there will still be consequences. Get in.”

We made small talk on the way back to my place. Jess was nineteen and we had nothing in common except for these get-togethers. She liked to be used, disciplined, and manhandled by older men, and I took great pleasure in doing so. She talked about her classes and whatever boys she was seeing at the time. One of them was apparently into getting his ass fisted. She seemed very enthusiastic about that. I decided to keep that in mind.

We pulled into the lot outside my building, parked, and stepped out of the car. I followed her up the steps and into the building, watching her ass jiggle the whole way. When we got to my door and unlocked it, letting Jess step inside and following right behind her. I pushed her up against the wall and pressed myself against her, sliding my leg between hers. I kissed her hard and she moaned into my  mouth as she scratched her nails down my back.

“Let’s go,” I said.

“Yes, Daddy.”

I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. I sat down on the bed.

“Undress for me, babygirl,” I said.

She blushed, but started taking off her clothes. Her shirt came off first, showing a cute pink floral bra. Then, she took off her pants. Her panties were also pink, but solid.

‘You don’t match.” I said.

“I’m sorry daddy. I’m behind on laundry.”

“You should have planned ahead. You know I like when your bra and panties match.”

“I know. I’ll do better next time,” she said.

“Yes, you will.”

She unclasped her bra and her soft, round breasts spilled out as she removed her bra. Her pale, puffy nipples started to stiffen. She slipped her panties over her hips and shimmied them down over her legs.

“Is your pussy wet, babygirl?”

“A little, Daddy.”

“Show me.”

She slid one hand down over her belly and ran a finger through her folds. She lifted it and showed it to me. It was slick with her juices.

“Good girl.”

She grinned.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“Now turn around and bend over.”

She did as I ordered. Bending over and grabbing her ankles. I took a moment to gaze at her slick pussy and puckered bud.

“You need to be punished for not matching. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Daddy. Please teach me to be a good girl.”

I stood up and unbuckled my belt. Jess’s body flinched a bit when she heard my buckle clink, and again when I cracked the belt against my dresser.

“Now, what do you think would be an appropriate punishment for a little slut who broke Daddy’s rule about matching underwear?” I asked her. I took my phone out my pocket and started the timer.

“Ummmm,” she stammered. “I don’t know, Daddy.”

Six seconds had passed.

“You better think of something before I lose my patience,” I replied.

Eleven seconds.

“Ten per side,” she said.

I stopped the timer. It read fourteen seconds.

“That’s a good start, but it took your fourteen seconds to answer, so that brings us to twenty-four. Oh, and you were ten minutes late, so now we’re at a total of thirty-four.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Jess replied.

“Per side,” I said.

That’s all for this week. This unexpectedly turned into at least a two-part story. Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas for how Daddy can teach Jess to be a good girl.

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