A Night at the Club – Part 1

Alice clipped the leash to Mary’s collar and held the end in her hand. She opened the door and exited the limo, leading Mary out of the car and onto the sidewalk. Though it was dark there were still lots of people on the street, and they could all see Mary dressed in a short, skintight minidress and heels, not to mention her collar and leash, being lead by Alice. 

Alice grinned and said’ Come on pet. The club is just down the block.” 

She gave a little tug and Mary followed close behind, trying not to trip in her heels. The shoes made her round ass pop even more and made her calves look amazing but she still wasn’t’ used to walking in such tall heels. She knew Alice delighted in that all the more. 

“I’m coming, mistress.” she said. 

“Not yet. But you will be many times before the night is over.” 

They continued past the staring faces until they reached a corner and turned into an alley. About fifty feet down the alley, they came to a red, steel door. Next to it was an intercom. Alice pressed the button and a moment later, a man’s voice said,”Names and password, please.’ 

“Mary and Alice. The password is ‘three blind mice.’” 

“One moment please,” he replied.

There was a buzz and the door opened automatically. Alice led Mary inside. Just inside the door was a desk behind which a pretty brunette sat..

“You’ve already signed the forms we sent, correct?” she asked.

“We have,” Alice replied.

“Good. Just sign in here, please.” 

Alice signed her name on the electronic signature pad and Mary did the same. 

“Straight ahead and through the double doors. Have a good time,” the brunette said.

Alice led Mary by her leash to the door and waited. Mary hesitated a moment, then reached out and opened the door, holding it open for Alice.They entered and saw a small crowd of a few dozen people milling around the room. There was music playing in the background and the bass throbbed.

As Alice and Mary entered a tall man with a velvet suit and a grey beard greeted them. “Ah, Alice! So good to see you!” 

“You too, Mauricio.” 

“And what is this you’ve brought us tonight?” 

“A party favor. Her name is Mary, or ‘slut.’ Depends on my mood.” 

Mauricio chuckled. “I think we’ll have some fun tonight, then.” 

“Mary,” Alice says,”say hello to Mauricio.”

“Hello, sir.” 

“Greet him properly,” she says. 

Mary gets down on her knees and looks up at him.

“May I service you sir.” 

“Ah, good. That’s a wonderful offer, but perhaps later. Come, let me introduce you to some people.” 

Mauricio leads them to a trio of men standing hear the bar. 

‘Ted, Brad, Mark, this is Alice and her slut, Mary.” 

“Hi,” they said. 

Alice pulls Mary closer. “Greet the nice men, slut.” 

Again, Mary goes down to her knees and looks up at the three men. 

“May I service you, sirs?”

Come back next Saturday for Part 2!

What do the three men have in store for Mary? Drop you suggestions in the comments.

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