What’s Your Love Language?

I know The Five Love Languages is kind of a cheesy concept, but I don’t care because cheese is fucking delicious and I think it can be a useful model to help people improve their relationships with their partners. Honestly, I’ve never actually read the back and I don’t know if I ever will, but I did take the quiz and here are my results.

Unsurprisingly, my main love language is Physical Touch. My partners can certainly attest to that. I love touching and hugging. I thoroughly enjoy giving and receiving back and shoulder rubs, as well as foot massages. One of my partners has amazingly soft hair and I love playing with it. I’m a big fan of cuddling and spooning. In fact, I recently told one of my friends that I would gladly be in a cuddle puddle every day if I could. I’m definitely a big lover of various types of sex, as well. (You may have picked that up from previous posts.)

Next on my list is Quality Time. To me, that means any time my partner or partners and I are spending time together focusing on each other. It’s nice to put down the phones for a while and just talk, watch a movie, or play games together. Preparing a meal and eating together is great, too. Just stay out of my way in the kitchen and let me cook, though (I have some control issues in the kitchen.)

Words of affirmation are another of my favorite love languages, and my partners do a very good job of letting me know they appreciate me. It’s been really nice to hear things like, “like that’s very sweet,” and “I appreciate it.” Also, just tell your partners what you like about them. Tell them exactly why you love them. It goes a long way.

Receiving Gifts is always nice, but it’s not that important to me. That’s a bit strange, because I absolutely love giving gifts, especially little surprises like a cute pair of earrings, a cookie I picked up from a charming little patisserie while I was out of town, or a book I heard one of them mention.

The last thing on my list is Acts of Service. Again, this is one I really enjoy providing, but it’s not super important to receive. I do like when my partners help me out with errands, chores, or projects when I’m feeling down or sick, and I’ll never turn down an offer to bring me coffee, but I usually manage very well without this one. (Hmmm. Maybe I just have an issue letting people take care of me. I’ll have to discuss that with my therapist.)

So, what are you love languages? If you want to play along, take the quiz and post your results in the comments below. I’d love your input.

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