Just the Thing

I am on my knees on the bed, bent over a Liberator wedge, my ass up in the air. I’m facedown on the mattress. Allie is just finishing restraining me, each wrist cuffed and tethered to a similar cuff on its matching ankle.

“That should help you keep your hands to yourself, slut,” she says. She chuckles a bit and tickles my balls lightly. I squirm.

Zach’s there, as well, watching. “Are you ready to watch me beat this slut?” he asks her.

“Yes, sir,” Allie replies. I can practically hear her grinning.

“Pick out the tool,” he tells her. “Let’s surprise him.”

I hear her sorting through the implements a few feet away. “I think we have just the thing,” she says.

“Good choice,” Zach replies. “This will do nicely. He’ll remember this every time he sits down tomorrow.”

“What is your safeword, slut?” Zach says to me.

“My safeword is ‘banana,’ sir,” I reply.

“Correct,” he says. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir. I’m ready.”

I hear a high-pitched whoosh and feel something narrow sting my ass. Ah, the bamboo cane. Of course that’s what she chose.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. After a few strokes, Zach picks up the speed and beats my ass with an even, steady rhythm. I grunt softly with each stroke. I can feel the heat of the welts beginning to rise on my asscheeks. 

The strikes come faster now and I’m groaning into the mattress. I want this. This is my first time being caned, but I’ve been fantasizing about this for quite some time now.

I turn my head and see Allie watching. Our eyes meet and she smiles at me.

A few more strokes and I’m clenching my fists but I can’t hold it in any longer and I cry out, the mattress muffling my scream.

“Do you think he’s had enough?” Zach asks.

“For now, I think so,” Allie says. “Shall we proceed to the next act?”

“Get him ready,” he says.

I see Allie move from the side of the bed. A moment later, I feel something cool and wet being dribbled onto my ass. Allie teases my asshole with the tip of her finger, massaging and rubbing the rim to relax me. She applies more lube and slowly eases one finger inside me. She pauses to let me adjust but I accept it easily. She adds another finger and begins to slowly stroke them in and out of my ass. I would let her do this all day, but I’m sure they have other plans for me. Allie adds a third finger, it stretches me a bit and it takes me a moment to adjust, but soon I’m pushing back, fucking my ass on her fingers.

“This slut seems ready and eager,” she purrs.

“Good. Now, get me ready.”

They both move around to the side of the bed so I can see them. Allie kneels before Zach and takes his cock into her mouth. It’s hot as hell watching her suck Zach’s cock and I wish it were me taking him deep, but all I can do is watch. She keeps sucking his cock and massaging his balls until he tells her to stop, then opens a condom and slips it into his stiff cock.

Zach moves out of my sight and I feel his weight on the bed behind me. He spreads my asscheeks with his firm hands and presses the head of his cock against my asshole. I hear Allie moan and I know she’s watching Zach enter me. She loves this. Zach pushes slowly, but firmly until his full length is buried in my tight ass.

“Beg for it, slut,” he says.

“Fuck my ass, sir. Please. Oh God, please fuck me!”

Zach groans as he begins to move inside me and I’m groaning, too. I want to be fucked. I need to be fucked. I can feel his stiff cock rubbing against my prostate.

“Rub your pussy and make him watch,” Zach says.

Allie puts one foot up on the bed. She’s so close to my face and I want to taste her, but she’s out of reach. She grins at me as she rubs her clit. I can hear how wet she is. She grins at me, mischievously.

“You want to taste her pussy, don’t you, slut?” Zach asks.

“Yes, sir,” I reply. Allie’s delicious and I would never stop tasting her if I had a choice.

“Maybe I’ll let you taste her after I’m done using your ass,” he says.

Zach grips my hips and starts moving faster inside my asshole, grunting. Allie is rubbing her clit faster now, her eyes moving back and forth between Zach and me.

“I’m going to cum in your tight, little asshole, you fucking slut,” Zach says.

“Please, sir. Please come in my ass!” I moan.

Allie’s breathing is getting faster and her hips are moving more rapidly now. She’s moaning and I know she’s close, too.

Zach slams his hips into my ass over and over and cries out and I know he’s cumming. Allie’s groaning and shaking and she cums, too, collapsing on the bed. I’m shaking and my heart is pounding and the mattress is covered with my tears and drool.

We all take a few moments to recover, our hearts and breathing slowing. Zach pulls out of my ass, and I can hear the pop of him taking off the condom. He and Allie remove my restraints, rubbing my wrists and ankles. Taking my arms, they help me rise to my feet slowly and lead me to the shower, each taking turns with me, washing me with warm water until I reorient myself. They help me dry off and lead me back to bed, where we lie down, with Allie in the middle. Zach pulls the blankets over us as we all cuddle in and fall asleep.

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