To Serve

    Lucy kneels in front of me on the rug. Her lavender hair hangs just over her shoulders, her hands resting palm-up on her knees.In this position she barely reaches my waist. She keeps her face tilted slightly to the floor, making the light fall on her softly freckled cheeks. She wears nothing but fishnet thigh-highs and a garter belt, as instructed.

    “Why are you here?” I ask her.

    “To serve you, sir,” she replies.

    “And what services do you have to offer me?” I asked.

    She hesitates.

    “Did I stutter? What services do you have to offer me, Lucy?” We were both fully aware of what was in store, but I wanted to hear her say it.

    “I offer you my body for your pleasure, sir.”

    I pace a circle around her. She stays still. I lean down and whisper in her ear, “All of your body?”

    “Yes, sir,” she replies. “My body is yours to use for the night.”

    “That is an intriguing offer,” I reply, standing straight again. “But I think it would be best to make sure we are quite clear regarding what is on offer. Wouldn’t you agree?”


    “Stand up,” I say.

    She slowly rises and stands, her face still turned to the floor. I reach out with one hand and gently brush her lips with my thumb.

    “Are you offering me your mouth?” I ask.

    “Yes, sir.”

    I reach down, taking both of her hands in mine and bringing them to her eye level.

    “Are you offering to serve me with your hands?”

    She responds, “Yes, sir.”

    I lower her hands and release them. I slide both of my hands up the sides of her body, from her waist to her breasts, cupping them. She sighs a bit. I grip both nipples between my fingers and squeeze, gradually applying more pressure until she winces.

    “And your tits. May I use them, too?” I ask.

    “Yes,” she moans.

    “What was that?”

    “Yes, sir,” she says.

    “That’s better.”

    I crouched in front of her, slowly sliding my hand up the inside of one thigh until my fingertips brushed against her vulva. Her pussy was already slick, as it always was when we played. She quivered a bit.

    “Whose pussy is this tonight?” I asked.

    “It’s your pussy, sir.”

    I stood again, moving around to her back. I slapped one of her ass cheeks firmly, enjoying the sound of my hand on her bare skin and the surprised whimper that Lucy let out. I squeezed her ass, rubbing where I’d just slapped, then I slid my fingers along the crack of her ass.

    “What about your tight, little asshole? Is that mine tonight, as well?”

    “Yes, sir,” she replied again.


    I wrapped both my arms around her from behind, cupping a breast in one hand and sliding my other slowly over her stomach until it reached the juncture of her thighs. I kissed the back of her neck, nibbling my way down her shoulder and back up her neck to the lobe of her ear. I moved one hand to her waist and gripped her wrist with the other. I spun her around to face me, pulling her body against me. I lifted her chin and leaned down to press my lips against her cute, little mouth. I teased her lips with my tongue and they parted. The tip of her tongue danced against mine, then we devoured each other, tongues intertwining and our teeth taking turns nibbling each other’s lips. She sighed, moaned, and I felt her body relax.

    I broke the kiss and stepped back.

    “Would you like to taste my cock, Lucy?”

    She nodded. “Yes, sir. Please let me taste it.”

    I stepped back and told her to kneel. She did as instructed.

    “Unzip my pants and take out my cock.”

    She slowly lowered my zipper and gently pulled my cock out from the fly. I wasn’t hard yet, but I was growing quickly.

    “Kiss the tip.”

    She brought her mouth to the tip of my cock and kissed it. I grinned.

    “Lick the underside of the head.”

    Lucy flicked her tongue against the underside of my cockhead. I stifled a groan.

    “Go on,” I said.

    Lucy swirled her tongue around the head of my cock for a few moments, occasionally taking the head into her mouth. Then, she slid me deeper into my mouth. I felt her tongue slide over the underside of my shaft. I widened my stance a bit to steady myself. She began moving her mouth up and down my cock, slowly at first, then building speed. She tried to take me all the way to the back of her throat and succeeded after a few tries. 

    “You’re a good cocksucker, Lucy. A good little deep throat slut.”

    She moaned around my cock.

    “I’m going to fuck your mouth now. If it’s too much, I want you to grab and squeeze both of my thighs. Otherwise, you’re to keep your hands behind your back. Do you understand?”

    I pulled back from her mouth, and looked down at her. Her chin was slick with drool.

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Good girl,” I replied. “Now, open wide and stick out your tongue.”

    Lucy did as I asked.

    I slid my cock over her tongue and into her mouth, cradling her head in my hands. I pulled her closer until I was balls deep in her mouth. She gagged a bit for a moment, then settled. I moved my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth. Lucy was drooling and grunting around my cock and I could feel myself getting close to orgasm. I wanted that, but not yet. I slowed my movements and stepped back. My cock left Lucy’s mouth with an audible pop.

    “You did quite well, Lucy.”

    She smiled, hungrily.

    “Is your pussy wet?”

    “Yes, sir,” she replied.

    “Show me.”

    She slid her hand between her thighs and dipped two fingers into her slit, moving them in and out for a moment before holding her hand up to show me her fingers, wet with her juices.

    “I want to taste it, “ I said.

    She started to move her hand closer to my mouth, but I had other ideas. I reached down and hooked her legs, lifting her and laying her back onto the bed. She let out a surprised squeak as her back touched the mattress. I didn’t let her recover. I gripped her thighs in my hands and pushed them back and apart, baring her perfect pussy. I dove in, licking her slit from bottom to top and dipping my tongue between her folds for a moment before flicking my tongue against her clit.   

    I paused for a moment.

    “Tell me when you’re close to cumming.” I licked her clit again. “Do?” lick “you?” lick “understand?

    Lucy groaned, “Yes. Yes, sir.”

    I returned my attention to her pussy, lashing my tongue against her folds and clit, feeling my face get slick with my saliva and her juices. Lucy thrust her hips, grinding her clit against my tongue. I let go of her thighs and took her hands, palm-to-palm, interlacing our fingers. She was moaning louder and moving her hips more quickly now.

    “I’m close, sir,” she gasped.

    I stopped.

    “That’s not allowed yet,” I replied with a Cheshire grin. “No cumming without permission.”

    I pulled my face back from her pussy and looked up toward Lucy’s face. She was biting her lip lightly, and squirming.

    “Roll over onto your knees,” I ordered.

    She rolled over quickly and put her round ass up in the air

    I paused to admire the sight before me, then reached out to stroke and caress the curve of Lucy’s upturned ass. I rubbed and massaged the flesh of her ass cheeks for a moment, digging my fingers in and kneading. Lucy purred.

    Smack! The palm of my hand met the bare flesh of Lucy’s ass.

    “What is your safe word, Lucy?”

    “My safe word is ‘yellow,’” she replied, “but if it’s an emergency, ‘code red.’”

    “Good girl,”

    “How long has it been since we’ve seen each other?” I asked.

    “Nine months,” she said.

    “So long,” I said. “Too long. You will receive 9 strikes on each side, to make up for lost time. You will count each one. If you miss or forget the count, we will start over. Are you ready?”

    “Yes, sir,” Lucy replied. She sounded eager.

    I cupped my hand and slapped her left ass cheek. I felt it jiggle with the impact and I heard Lucy let out a muffled, “oof.”

    Again, I brought my hand down to smack her right ass cheek.

    “I don’t hear any counting, Lucy. Let’s try again.”


    “One, sir.”


    “Two, sir.”

    Her ass was turning pink now. Another 2 slaps and Lucy started wiggling her hips a bit.

    “You’re doing very well, Lucy.”

    I slipped two fingers into her dripping slit and she moaned, her muscles squeezing my fingers.   


    “Five, sir.”


    “Six, sir.”

    “How many more Lucy?”

    I slid my fingers insider her cunt again and pulled them back out, dragging them across her perineum and up to tease the rim of her asshole. She quivered a bit.

    “Six more on each side, sir.”


    “Seven, sir!”


    “Eight, sir!”

    I bent down and teased the rim of Lucy’s ass with my tongue, flicking it against her bud. I gripped her hips and pushed my face deeper between her cheeks. I flattened my tongue and began to lick her asshole in earnest.

    Lucy groaned, “Oh, fuck.”

    I spanked her left cheek three times in quick succession. My hand stung a bit from the speed and force, and Lucy’s ass now bore a bright, red handprint.

    “Nine, ten, eleven, sir!”

    I continued my tongue lashing of Lucy’s asshole, which had now relaxed enough to accept the tip of my tongue.

    I slapped her right cheek four times, rapidly. Lucy cried out a bit, but maintained the count.

    “Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sir!”

    I reached for the bottle of lube I had placed near the foot of the bed. I popped the top and dribbled some on Lucy’s asshole, as well as my fingers. I circled the rim for a moment before slowly easing the tip of one finger into her ass. 

    “Ohhhh,” she moaned.

    I brought my other hand down swiftly against her left cheek. Again, she groaned, but this time she pushed back against my fingertip, slowly taking it insider her tight ass. I moved it in and out slowly, gently, firmly.

    “Sixteen, sir!”

    I slowly worked a second digit into her ass letting her adjust to the feeling until she began to push back, slowly starting to fuck herself with my fingers in her ass.

    “Do you like having your asshole played with, Lucy?”

    “Yes, sir. It feels so good.”

    I spanked her right cheek. It was a deep crimson now.

    “Seventeen, sir,” she groaned.

    I slowly worked a third finger inside her ass, stroking steadily now.

    “One more to go, Lucy. Then I’m going to fuck your tight, little asshole. Do you like that idea?”

    “Mmmm-hmmmm,” she moaned. “Yes, sir.”


    “EIGHTEEN, SIR!!!”

    “Do you me to fuck your ass, Lucy?”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “You should ask nicely,” I said.

    “Please fuck my tight, little asshole, sir. I want to feel your cock inside my ass.”

    “Good girl,” I said.

    My cock was hard as granite. I reached for a condom, opened the package and rolled it onto my stiff cock, then I put some lube on the head.

    “Lie down on your side and bring your top knee toward your chest,” I said.

    Lucy did as instructed, looking eager and wanton, and beautiful.

    I straddled her outstretched leg and braced my hand on her top thigh, then spread her ass cheeks and lined up my cockhead with the opening of her ass. I gently but firmly pressed my cock forward. Lucy held her breath for a moment as I slowly slid the head of my cock past the tight ring of her ass. She exhaled and I stayed still for a moment.

    “Are you ready for more?” I asked.

    She nodded and whispered, “Yes, sir.”

    I pushed forward, slowly and steadily until my cock had slid inside her to the base. She was moaning and babbling a bit and her cheeks were flushed.

    “You’ve taken all of my cock in your ass. You’re doing great.”

    “Thank you, sir,” she replied.

    “I’m going to fuck your ass now,” I said.

    “Please fuck my ass, sir.”

    I began moving my cock in and out of her ass with slow, short strokes.

    “Oh fuck,” she groaned.

    “You know what kind of girls like to take it in the ass, Lucy?”

    “No, sir.”

    “Sluts, Lucy. Are you my dirty, little slut?
    “Ohhh,” she moaned. “I’m your dirty, little slut, sir.”

    I picked up speed in her ass, fucking her deeper and harder.

    “Fuck your little slut’s ass, sir! Please fuck my ass.”

    I was really pounding her ass, now.

    “Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” Lucy was babbling.

    I was close and I knew Lucy was on the edge, but I had other plans. I pulled my cock from Lucy’s ass. She whimpered and squirmed on the bed.

    “Kneel on the floor, slut,” I commanded.

    Lucy lowered herself from the bed and kneeled as she had earlier.

    “Look up at me,” I said.

    She met my gaze.

    “Do you want my cum, Lucy?”

    “Yes, sir. Please give me your cum.”

“Don’t move until I say you can,” I told her.

I grabbed a thick, black Sharpie and removed the cap. Writing backwards, I spelled out “CUM SLUT” across Lucy’s chest. She’d be reminded every time she looked in a mirror for the next few days. Then, I stood before her, stroking my cock before her face.   

“I’m going to cover your face with my load, slut.”

“Please, sir. Come all over my face. I want to feel your cum all over me.”

After about a dozen more strokes, I roared and let loose, my cum splashing on Lucy’s face and slowly dripping down her cheeks and lips. It took me a moment to recover my composure. I noticed the tip of Lucy’s tongue peeking out from her lips.

“Not yet,” I said.

She looked disappointed.

“Make yourself cum for me first,” I said.

She grinned and slipped her hands between her thighs.

“Good girl.”

Lucy used the fingers of one hand to work her clit, while the other fingered her wet cunt. I could hear her fingers moving inside her. Her eyes were locked on me, her breathing becoming deeper and more rapid, her hips grinding.

“Cum for me, Lucy. Cum for me, you sexy little cum slut.”

Her eyes went shut and her hands were a blur now. She began to growl. I knelt in front of her, took a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and pinched hard.

“OH, FUCK!!!” She screamed. Lucy shook and trembled as she rode out her orgasm. She went limp, but I caught her under her arms. I shifted to a sitting position and slowly lowered her until her head rested in my lap.

“Good girl,” I said.

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